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Prisoner of War - Feature

Prisoner of War

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Modern Warfare 2's List of Trophies/Achievements, and No Multiplayer Among Them

For those Modern Warfare fans who hold a deep appreciation for the fine art of unlocking Trophies/Achievements through multiplayer means, then has some sad news ahead for you. "I hate multiplayer achievements. I hate when players play the game for a personal objective instead of actually trying to win the game. So we try to avoid that stuff," said Creative Strategist Robert Bowling at a recent event which showed off the game's multiplayer. "Honestly we haven't set the achievements in stone yet, so I'd never say never." In the time since that event, however, the list of Trophies/Achievements has been revealed, and it seems devoid of any rewards for multiplayer. You can find out what's available after the cut. Read More