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Prepare to experience the Power Rangers Super Samurai universe in an entirely new way. Using the hands-free Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, morph into the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink or Gold Ranger and master the mystical and ancient Kanji symbols that control the elements of Fire, Water, Forest, Earth, Sky and Light! 

Power Rangers Super Samurai Review

And…once again, someone doesn't get how to make a worthwhile experience with the Kinect when it comes to mimicking a super hero.  At least Ubisoft has the practice down somewhat to a science, with their Power-Up Heroes and Marvel's Avengers: Battle For Earth games.  But Namco, on the other hand, churns out the kind of Kinect fare that gives the device a bad name.  It's bad enough that we had to get through the sluggishly difficult Dragon Ball Z Kinect.  But now we have Power Rangers Super Samurai, a game so cheesy and inoperable that it makes the classic TV series look joyous by comparison.  (Aw, what the hey, the movies, too.) The story moves along decently enough – you've got five Power Rangers heroes battling enemies and... Read Review

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