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For as long as evil has threatened the Earth, there have been teams of Power Rangers sworn to protect it. The Power Rangers Megaforce are the planet's newest defenders. For the first time, experience the next chapter in the Power Rangers legacy in 3-D! Plus power up your rangers with the all-new card scanning feature! Go, Go Megaforce!

Power Rangers Megaforce Review

I like Power Rangers. There, I said it. I collect the toys, the action figures, the morphers, and occasionally dip into the Super Sentai stuff as well (the Japanese series). I realize that I'm not the target audience for it, but turns out, there are troves of adult Power Rangers fans out there. For that reason alone, I can't dismiss the fact that even though the recent games are targeting kids, they're just plain bad. In fact, the last time I remember playing a legitimately awesome Power Rangers game was the side scrolling beat 'em up for the Super NES. That game captured the essence of the series. The levels split up into parts where I played as the teenagers with attitude for the first half, and then the super powered fighting force the next, and every level... Read Review

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