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  • Release Date(s): Nov 29, 2012
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Bit.Trip Saga Review

Who could have imagined that a series of games centered around simplistic game design ideas would have been one of my only reasons for ever using the Read More


The Aging of the NES Generation

Video games have been around as we know them for close to four decades. In that period of time, we have watched the world of games transform more quickly than any other medium that has preceded it. We went from arcades to the home, 2D to 3D, buttons to touch screen, and tactile to motion control. Game design has rapidly evolved from simply shooting pixelated objects for the high score to puzzle solving and emotionally charged decision making, but one thing that never seems to change is the appeal of nostalgia. Gaming is old enough now that we have several generations of people who have proudly used either a joystick, paddle, d-Pad, analog stick, or motion controller, and it seems that every one of them is determined to recapture their childhood memories in a bottle. And publishers, it seems, are more than willing to cash in. Read More


Top Ten Mondays: Video Game Engineers

Much is said about game designers. They are the celebrities of our industry, much akin to those who sit in the director's chair in Hollywood. But just like the film industry, little is ever mentioned concerning the folks behind the scenes. Without video game hardware, video game software cannot exist. Here's a look at ten of the most influential engineers in the history of video game hardware. #10: Steve Jobs The iPad and the iPhone may not exactly be a haven for quality video game experiences, but one cannot dispute the influence of Steve Jobs on the world of video game tecnology. While it was Nintendo that initially brought the touch-screen interface to the mainstream populace in 2004, it was Jobs who perfected the interface over many years of R&D. The iPad can recognize up to eleven fingers simultaneously and is arguably the most inviting casual gaming platform. The screens of the two devices offer one of the most natural input experiences of any platform, even if the finger is considerably less accurate than a stylus or mouse. Read More


Tony Hawk: Ride's Soundtrack Announced

The Tony Hawk franchise has always been known for over the top skating action, insane stunts, and some of the world's best skaters. While some of that will be giving way to a revolutionary new control scheme in Tony Hawk: Ride, one thing that isn't changing is a large soundtrack of fully licensed songs from a wide variety of rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, and alternative acts. Check out the full list after the cut, which features some of the world's biggest bands, such as Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age, Modest Mouse, Beck, NOFX, and Chevelle. Read More