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When it was crafted in 1829, poker was primarily a gathering of hardheaded, testosterone-led males who spent hours bantering on and on about their lives, wives and adventures. Spend some time at “The Factory” in Poker Night 2 and you’ll get a much of the same. Whether it’s tales of marriage proposals from The Evil Dead’s Ash Williams, or Claptrap’s views... Read Review

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Revealed a couple of weeks ago, acclaimed adventure game developer Telltale Games posed quite a question. What do you get when you take the most iconic characters from one of the most beloved shooters of all time, one of the most beloved adventure franchises of all time, one of the most beloved online cartoons of all time, and one of the most beloved webcomics of all time? Apparently, you get poker. Telltale has announced Poker Night at the Inventory a downloadable poker game set for download via Steam on both PC and Mac later this year. The title will feature The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Sam from Sam & Max, Penny Arcade's Tycho and Strong Bad of Homestar Runner fame facing off in a high-stakes poker matchup, all at a cost of $5. Read More


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