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Pokemon Trozei Cheats

Forever Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS


Forever Mode is a variation on the regular Endless Mode. It uses a playfield 7 columns wide, plays at a much faster pace than normal, and has a completely different distribution of rare Pokémon. In addition, instead of starting your Trozeis with a line of four and working down to three and two, you have to start them with a line of five, and follow up with four, and then three and two.

In order to access this mode, you have to finish the Adventure mode twice, after which a button labeled "Forever" will appear on the main menu. Once you have access to this mode, the Trozei List will acknowledge it, and many Pokémon will have their entries changed so as to include levels in Forever Mode where they can be found. Several Pokémon which can only be found in some of the very late levels in Endless Mode can be found much earlier in Forever Mode.

Hard Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS
Hard Mode in Adventure Beat Adventure