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  • Available on Wii
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  • Release Date(s): Nov 16, 2009
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First introduced as a downloadable title on Nintendo’s WiiWare service, Pokemon Rumble Blast has stood out as a quirky addition to the ongoing franchise.  Rather than relying on the usual “cast your Pokemon out strategically” method, you instead go into battles with your fellow Pokemon and proceed to beat the living tar out of the competition.  Smash Bros. it... Read Review

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Danger: Pokémon "Shock Announcement" Incoming

Since the March releases of Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold, quiet murmurs have turned into booming rumors, with so many fanatics eagerly awaiting the fifth generation Pokémon titles. News regarding the newest entries will be released in the next issue of CoroCoro, the monthly Japanese manga magazine. Hearsay of the future games can't wait until then though, at least not for the Japan-based TV show, "Pokémon Sunday." Read more after the break. Read More


Analysts Estimate XBLA, Wii Shop Sales

An analyst group today gave us a rare peek into how much sales and revenue downloadable games might actually make. The comparison is between Microsoft's and Nintendo's offerings which look about evenly successful, but only at first glance. The Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment, LLC (FADE) today gave these estimates in their annual report for how much digital gaming sold and made in 2009. FADE made estimates on actual game sales numbers based on known revenue and various effects on the console digital market throughout the year. Read More


Nintendo Ending WiiWare Demos

Nintendo has announced that demos for WiiWare games will no longer be available by the end of this month. Though, the exact date may differ depending on where you live. Nintendo's official UK magazine reported today that European Wiis got a message saying that the demos would be taken down on January 31st in that region. Over there the demos were originally planned to be taken down on the 16th. If North American Wii users check the Wii Shop Channel, they will find an announcement simply reminding them that WiiWare demos are a limited time offer. The announcement says that they will be available at least through the 2009 holidays with no specific dates. Read More


MEDIA: Pokemon Rumble TV Spot

Normally, this wouldn't be all that important, but Nintendo has released a TV Sport for Pokemon Rumble, which released earlier this year for WiiWare. Let that sink in for a moment as you watch it. Yes folks, this is the first honest-to-God TV advertising for the WiiWare platform. Finally, it appears Nintendo is looking at the downloadable service as less of an afterthought and more of a potential source of revenue. At least, let's hope so. Read More


Pokémon Rumble Gets Release Date For North America

Not too long ago, we said that there would be an Arceus Pokémon event at Toys 'R' Us beginning November 7. It seems that some of the promotional posters to be given away at the event have been leaked. Serebii.net is reporting that the poster features Pokémon Rumble, an upcoming WiiWare game. Specifically, it states that the release date to the Wii Shop Channel will be November 16, just a few weeks away. If you aren't familiar with the game, Pokémon Rumble is a spinoff of the core RPG series. The gameplay involves controlling Pokémon toys to defeat other Pokémon. It features four player multiplayer, as well as a Battle Royale, which is a free for all brawl for several characters. Read More