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New Official Pokemon Title Coming in 2010

New Official Pokemon Title Coming in 2010

Nintendo's Pokemon franchise has been around for quite some time. After its Japanese debut on the GameBoy back in 1996, this creature collecting phenomenon ignited a fire that to this day burns brightly. Loyal gamers have been through several iterations of this highly popular handheld series and still crave more. The success of originals Red and Green/Blue spurred not only Silver and Gold, but also Ruby and Sapphire, and now Diamond and Pearl. Not only that, but Nintendo has been releasing remakes of these titles as well, including Leaf Green, Fire Red, HeartGold and SoulSilver. It looks like Nintendo is eager to add another batch of titles to list with its announcement of yet another 'main' Pokemon game. As one would expect, there will be even more creative critters for you to capture and train as you progress through the game's new regions. Expect to hear more very soon. Read More

kombo Jan 30, 2010 | Comments