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PS3 Loses Slim Launch Sales Boost in Japan, Still Top Console

A week after the PS3 Slim's launch in Japan, sales of the system there have plummeted by around 64 percent. It still remains above the Nintnedo Wii which along with most other hardware fell slightly last week. The two new Pokemon games were the top software. On the week ending September 11th, the PS3 Slim's launch rocketed sales to around 151,000 – more than 150 times the previous week's sales which where deflated by anticipation for the Slim. It appears the strength of the Slim launch has not followed through, as the PS3 only sold around 55,000 units last week. Despite this, the PS3 still outsold the Wii three to one, as the Wii sold around 17,000 units – a relatively slight drop of 18 percent from the previous week. The DSi was the top-selling platform at around 66,000 units and was also host to the top software for the week. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Sliver – remakes of the Game Boy Color games Gold and Silver, each sold around 720,000 units for combined sales of 1.42million. The next games down – both DS games, weren't even close. Inside are the raw numbers: Read More


Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver Japanese Debut Trailer

Here's a little something to stoke the fires burning in the hearts and souls of Pokémon fans everywhere: The Japanese debut trailer for the upcoming DS remake of the Pokémon Gold and Silver duo, HeartGold and SoulSilver: Video Games | Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver | Japanese Debut TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii It looks neat, but I still have an unfinished Pokémon Diamond if I should need my fix sated. Still, I know a friend or two who probably can't wait to get their hands on this. I wonder if the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum trio will be compatible in some way with the HeartGold/SoulSilver duo? It might be nice to have matches between the two, maybe even make some trades. Read More


Pokemon Gold & Silver Peripheral Turns Walking into EXP

What a way to encourage children, and fans of Pokemon alike, to get up and move around! I know it's hard to tell through my usual dose of morning (for me, at least) sarcasm, but this concept honestly excites me. Take the time and energy you spent training Pokemon, now imagine if you were up and exercising for all of those hours. The add-on was announced on Sunday in Japan via the show Pokemon Sunday. It's called the PokeWalker, and you can see footage of the announcement after the breaker. The PokeWalker, shown above, works like this... You transfer a single Pokemon via infrared before you leave. That Pokemon shows up on the device's screen. As you walk, the Pokemon on the PokeWalker tracks your steps through watts and your Pokemon gains experience. Those watts can also be used to help catch wild Pokemon. The PokeWalker will be bundled with the Heart Gold and Soul Silver software when it releases in Japan. No word yet on pricing or North American availability. Hit the break for video footage from the show... Read More