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Travel back to the Unova region, two years after the events of the original games, and take on new Gym Leaders and catch Pokemon both new and old.

Pokemon Black & White Version 2 Review

Pokemon Black and White 2 are the first games of the handheld franchise to carry a story from one game to the other. The events that took place in the first collection of these games matter, and you will see how the Unova region looks differently in the two years that have passed. You’ll run into a host of characters you’ll remember from the first game as well as the pesky Team Plasma. If you’ve played any other Pokemon game in recent memory, you know the deal. Walk into abnormally tall grass to battle wild Pokemon, either defeat or capture said Pokemon, level them up, defeat gym trainers, rinse and repeat. This formula has made the franchise a huge hit since the original Red and Blue versions, and this game is no exception. Where Black and White 2 are different... Read Review