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Viral Video Teases PS4... Or Possibly 3D

A peculiar new video surfaced over the weekend. It appears to be something to do with PlayStation technology, though exactly what is anyone's guess right now. The video hasn't been confirmed as being from Sony, but there are certainly a few interesting details in there. PlayStation 4? 3D gaming? An as-yet unannounced surprise? Hit the jump for more.


Epic's Mark Rein: We're Not Ready for PS4/Xbox Whatever, Wii Hasn't Run Away with This G

During an interview posted yesterday with Eurogamer, Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein spoke quite a bit on the subject of the industry and where things in the video game business are going. Of note are a few of the following excerpts. During one part, he reiterates the notion that instead of bringing an entirely new console to market, Microsoft will be using Project Natal to prolong the life of the Xbox 360, and Sony will likely be doing the same with their motion controllers for the PlayStation 3. And part of that is due to a number of people not having yet made the HD transition yet. See what he had to say after the cut.


Crytek Says PS4/Xbox 720 in 2011-2; St. John Says 'Nuh-uh'

At this year's GC Developer's Conference in Leipzig, Germany, predictions have already begun to fly about when we may see a new console generation arrive on the scene:The PlayStation 4 and Xbox '720' will arrive in 2011 or 2012, we think. But this is just our estimate - we don't know, and even if Microsoft and Sony told us, I couldn't say because it would be under NDA. But we think in three to four years' time, although there are good reasons why it should be 2010 already...but we'll see. -- Cevat Yerli, Crytek CEOHowever, it would seem that there are those who don't believe that consoles will even get that far, such as one Alex St. John:St. John's basic argument is that community aspects, not graphics, are the future of gaming. "Sony and Microsoft took the bet that prettier graphics would be the huge differentiating feature for their consoles. They were wrong." St. John then proceeded to ramble on about MMOs and eventually started to advertise his new system, Orb, as the greatest thing the world has ever seen. Ok maybe it's not that great, but even I have to admit it looks interesting. ... St. John's prediction is that by 2020 "the market will be dominated by online community based games. The PC will be the dominant platform. It will be monetised by microcurrency, advertising and subscriptions." That sounds great, except for the 'microcurrency, advertising and subscriptions' part. That doesn't sound much fun at all. So, if this is the last generation of consoles, yet we won't be seeing the resurrection of the PC until 2020, that means I'm going to be playing my 360 for another 12 years. That sounds like an accurate predition! Well done St. John! The guy does seem pretty confident though, saying "I'll take the heat if I'm wrong and don't mind being mocked in the future with people going 'Wow, was he wrong'. But it doesn't happen to me very often." -- Eoco, Sarcastic GamerYeah, those consoles are really tanking right now, the Wii most of all. Pure folly, I say.


Saving for a PS4

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