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  • For fans of Action
  • Developer: Sony
  • Release Date(s): Nov 15, 2013
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The next evolution in Sony's home video game console. Though it hasn't been confirmed for release, nor confirmed that it will even be called the PlayStation 4, history pretty much already decided the name for Sony's next, inevitable console. After have the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, there really is only one way they can go here. Make sure to check out our articles on rumors and speculations on Sony's next big console.

PlayStation 4 (console) Review

Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Developer: TT Games Rating: E10+ MSRP: $59.99 Introduction There are so few games that manage to encapsulate the perfect blend of creativity and fun like those that come from LEGO. ‘LEGO City Undercover’, is no exception. As one of the flagship games made available for the recently released Nintendo Switch (as well as several other platforms), you play as Chase McCain, a former LEGO City cop brought back to the force after the dastardly Rex Fury escapes from prison and tries to reclaim the city he once tried to take over. Using an array of vehicles and disguises, you can go undercover solo or with a friend in co-op mode and dismantle Fury’s regime from within before he rises to power... Read Review