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Follow the career of newlywed Martin Lionsdale of the 1st Airborne Cavalry Division, and take part in some of the most thrilling moments of the conflict, controlling an entire platoon through missions based on historical events. Platoon covers the period from the early days of the conflict (late 1965) to the height of battle in 1968 and recreates some of the most tragic moments of the Vietnam War: Operation

Platoon Cheats

Lots Of Health And Ammo

Unlock Xbox 360PC
Instead of taking the box of medicine and ammo, jump over it. You'll be healed, and the box won't disappear. You can repeat this.

Level Select

Unlock Xbox 360PC
By typing HAMBURGER-HILL using the minus key on the numeric keypad, you can use F1-F4 to skip to the corresponding level.