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Preview: Medal of Honor Multiplayer

Before I get into Medal of Honor's multiplayer – which we had full access to – here is a quick look behind the scenes. Usually when we get invited to an industry event there is a bit of a fight for who will get to go. This time, there wasn't. Is it possible that gamers are already getting burnt out on modern military shooters? If that is the case, it is an ironic and cruel twist for Danger Close and Dice, the pair of developers who are responsible for the reboot of the new Medal of Honor. Every game in the MoH series to date has been a World War II shooter; and WWII shooters had a nice long run before Halo came along and then Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare put a nail in the coffin. Now, EA is stuck with a historically popular franchise trying to jump back into the heat of things with a game meant to stack up against this falls crop of shooters. Read More


Kombo's Weekly Round-Up

The Halo: Reach review is here, and what more is there to say about this week in gaming news. It's the big story of the week - yes, even eclipsing the release of NHL 11, and according to Mike, who was lucky enough to review the game, it's a classic.  Be sure to check it out, and of course, be sure to catch up on all the news of the week. It was a doozy, from Nintendo's Wii follow-up console to Arkham City details to a really special design analysis of God of War II.  Check it out below in our weekly round-up (yes, I know, it's a day late. I was at a football game yesterday, and I apologize profusely!) Read More


Braid Creator\'s Next Game Was Hiding in Plain Sight at PAX

2008's Braid has been hailed as both proof that games are art, and a game so pretentious that it's actually incomprehensible. Whatever your opinion of it may be, it shook up the Xbox Live Arcade upon its release and helped pave the way for the current state of digital indie distribution. Plus, it was chock full of challenging, brain bending puzzles and unique mechanics. Braid creator Jonathan Blow's next game, The Witness, is set for release late in 2011, and so far the game's development has been unmarred by the fanfare that should accompany the followup to a game like Braid. It turns out that's mostly been on purpose, so far, if the game's secretive showing at PAX is anything to go by. Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More