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Sony Announces PixelJunk Shooter 2 for PSN

Developer Q-Games has created quite a nice little following for it on the PlayStation Network, thanks to the uniquely offbeat and artistic PixelJunk series. Kicking off with PixelJunk Racers, and leading to the critically acclaimed Monsters and Eden the series's simple visuals and addictive gameplay took a turn for the old school with 2009's PixelJunk Shooter, the developer's take on side-scrolling shoot-em-ups. Now, Q-Games has officially announced a sequel, PixelJunk Shooter 2, which Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert promises will be bigger and better than before. Little else was revealed about the game, but you can expect a full reveal at E3. More after the break. Read More


WireWay - NDS - Preview

E3 2009 Preview A simple, yet fun DS game, WireWay doesnll follow a little alien guy as he attempts to reunite with his spaceship in order to get him Read More


PixelJunk 1-4 by any other name still smells like PixelJunk...

PixelJunk, the studio behind PixelJunk Monsters, Eden and Racers, unveiled their next game about a month ago. The trailer (which you can catch after the break) came with gameplay footage, but no name. The studio labelled it "PixelJunk 1-4" and then shoved it out the front door to live on its own in the wild. Then they hosted a contest. Whoever could properly name "1-4" would win a credit in the game and a T-Shirt. That winner is Mario Paquet from Canada. PixelJunk Shooter is the name that one the game, and the talent behind the art of the game itself came up with the logo you'll see above. There will be an updated demo of the game at E3, so expect impressions from us once we get a chance to give it a go. Hit the break for the trailer for PixelJunk Shooter. Read More


PixelJunk Eden Encore Arrives This Week

Fans of the PixelJunk series are in for a treat. Developer Q-Games has announced that PixelJunk Eden is dropping later this week, on the 16th. This is a worldwide release date, so everyone will be able to enjoy the 5 new levels and the new trophies for $5.99 at the same time. And for anyone who hasn't tried the original, I highly recommend it. There should be a demo for you to try on the PlayStation Network, and I think everyone should give it a go. If you like indie games with a relaxing sort of feel like Flower, then PixelJunk Eden might be for you. Read More


Updated: Original Star Fox Creator on Making Wii Version: "Not Interested"

Update: Thanks to TheWon, we have some further clarification on the story. Look for it at the end of the post. Original Story:The story of Star Fox is a rather interesting one. It blasted onto the 16-bit scene with a Super NES release which utilized 3D polygonal graphics realized by Nintendo's new Super FX chip. The game was a success, and almost beget a sequel, which was scrapped at the last minute in favor of a Nintendo 64 remake, which also proved to be quite popular. Perhaps even moreso than the original. And after that? Things began to quickly fall apart for the Star Fox team. One new game after another would arrive, not necessarily bad in some cases, but not delivering the type of quality Star Fox adventure fans of the first two games were looking for. G4 recently had the opportunity to sit down with Q Games President Dylan Cuthbert, and after talking to him about PixelJunk Eden, the conversation switched to Star Fox. Read More


Q-Games Ltd. Releases Some Information on Eden Encore

Just today, Dylan Cuthbert, Executive Producer and President of Q-Games Ltd., posted some pretty screen shots (view them in the gallery below) and quote-able blocks of text regarding PixelJunk Eden Encore on the PS Blog. First things first, what have we added? Well, basically we have added five whole new stages, each one choc-a-bloc full of ideas and gimmicks. We also designed five brand new backgrounds for them (each background for a garden is programmed uniquely just for that garden's style - just in case you hadn't noticed that in the original), and Baiyon went away and created five brilliant new tracks of music to match it all up. He also explains some of the designs they've put into the expansion including a super special reward for those of you who collect all 25 Spectra. Cuthbert says that this item will, "enable you to play the entire game again in a completely different way." Start the speculation now, and prepare yourself for the $5.99 expansion purchase that is, as Cuthbert says, "definitely worth [it]." Via VG247 Read More


New PixelJunk Project to be Shown at GDC

According to Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer, Q Games will be present at GDC this year. Word via a Sony PlayStation press invitation to reporters for Game Developers Conference today is that the next PixelJunk project from Q Games — makers of "PixelJunk Racers," "PixelJunk Monsters," "PixelJunk Eden" and the recently-teased "PixelJunk Monsters" for PSP — will be shown in San Francisco next week. Stephen goes on to say that Dylan Cuthbert, the lead creator of the series, will be giving a demonstration of the game on the 26th of March. For those of you who don't like calendars, that's Thursday. Stay tuned for more info during GDC next week. Read More


PixelJunk Monsters Snags an Update on October 30; Trophy Support Added

Need to get your PixelJunk fix? No, I'm not talking about playing PixelJunk Eden for the millionth time (although you could do that too, it's pretty awesome), I'm talking about firing up PixelJunk Monsters and unlocking yourself some achievements trophies! Wait a minute, you say that trophies aren't available in Monsters and that I'm an idiot for saying so? Well, too bad for you cool guy because as of October 30 they will be. So yeah, I guess they're not technically in yet – Let's just say we're both right and be done with it. Matt Morton from SCEA-Santa Monica posted on the Playstation Blog this afternoon that Q-Games has finished working on a patch for Pixeljunk Monsters that will not only add trophy support, but a slew of other things that will force you to become addicted to it again. Added are more difficulty settings, YouTube support, XMB Custom Soundtrack support, and a couple of other balancing changes. The patch will be releasing VERY soon, with Japan getting the first patch release on October 23. If all goes well with final testing, you will see the patch in SCEA and SCEE territories on October 30. If there are any delays to the above mentioned dates, we will be sure to update the blog to let you know about it, so stay tuned!-- Playstation Blog Get back to it kids! Oh, insert obligatory remark about plasma television burn-in here. Read More


Orbient the First Entry in Art Style Series for WiiWare

Console allegiances aside, there's one thing no one can dispute; Nintendo knows how to surprise people. The company released today the curiously titled, surprisingly stylish Art Style: Orbient to WiiWare, a remake of the 2006 GameBoy Advance title Orbital. It's available in the Wii Shop Channel for 600 Wii Points. The Art Style series is a remake of the Bit Generations games, a series of seven Nintendo games released for the GBA in Japan in 2006. The series was popular for its simply controls and stylish presentation. It seems as if they're remaking all of these games for WiiWare, with slightly different branding. In the U.S., the series is called Art Style, and the first game in the series is called Orbient, based on Orbital from the original portable series. Coincidentally, this is the one I sunk the most time into: You're a tiny celestial body, and you have to orbit around larger ones, using their gravity to move around and collide with other planets and stars and rocks. Nintendo says that two more Art Style games will be released here this month. Six of the games, including Orbital, were developed by Chibi-Robo maker Skip; the final game Digidrive was by Pixeljunk Eden creator Q-Games. -- Wired Art Style: Orbient is a first-party surprise no one expected, perhaps a subtle foretelling of what's in store for Nintendo's upcoming fall press conference due to start later this week. Read More


PixelJunk Eden Trophies and More Detailed

The PixelJunk series has quickly become one of the most unique and interesting series to be found on the PlayStation Store. PixelJunk Racers was a unique take on the traditional racing game, while PixelJunk Monsters was just totally unique and original. Come tomorrow, we'll be preparing ourselves for a journey that may remind people of an acid trip. The use of bright colors and monotone techno music will make you feel like you are back in the 1980's when blacklight posters were still cool. Actually, PixelJunk Eden is pretty much a living blacklight poster. Sony has detailed a number of features found within the game, as well as a full list of Trophies to be unlocked. Two other big features will be YouTube video upload support and Remote Play. You can record up to 10 minutes of gameplay and upload it to YouTube. Also, PixelJunk Eden will retail for $9.99. Now it's time for the Trophy list. Find the full list after the jump. Read More