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Bit.Trip Saga Review

Who could have imagined that a series of games centered around simplistic game design ideas would have been one of my only reasons for ever using the Read More

Sonic Colors Screenshot - 780841

Sonic Colors Review

Sonic the Hedgehog is currently undergoing something of a renaissance. After several attempts, Sega has finally started listening to the fans. Just a Read More


Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 being pushed to 2011 claims a source has revealed that Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 will be pushed back to 2011 for release. "Warner has acted early to avoid releasing the game into a heavily congested pre-Christmas market," the source told CVG. "It wants to dominate the first quarter of 2011 instead, when it can get maximum retail space and mindshare amongst gamers." Hit the break for more. Read More


Gears of War Movie Budget and Story Scaled Back; Industry and Fans Sigh in Resignation

After hordes of rumors that New Line's Gears of War adaptation was dead in the emulsion, the LA Times now says "the film's story and budget have been scaled back." Apparently it's been transformed from "a multi-generational epic with a big-canvas feel" to "a more simple, straight-ahead invasion story." Len Wiseman, of Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld fame, has turned his attention elsewhere, and New Line is looking to replace Wanted writer Chris Morgan's current script with something less epic. Hit the jump to reflect on whether or not this is a bad thing. Read More


Media: Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black, Part 4

I have found myself looking forward to these bi-weekly promotional videos for Brutal Legend. This time, Jack Black shows off his battle axe wielding skills (or lack thereof). Let's hope his video game counterpart, Eddie Riggs, is a bit more graceful than Mr. Black. Brutal Legend is not the first time that Jack Black has found himself involved in the video game industry. Way back in 1982, he appeared in a commercial for Pitfall! The game was put out by Activision for the Atari 2600. I got to give it to him. The man has some old-school credibility. Read More


Nintendo Download - 4.12.09: Pirates and Pitfalls Send Masterful Mixed Messages

An interesting release hits Virtual Console this week; interesting in part as it isn't The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and also in part because it's a game that I seem to remember receiving a fair amount of hype back in its day, yet I never got to play it. More interesting is that for the Virtual Console release of Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Nintendo has apparently opted for the Genesis version... even though there was a Super NES version also available, which one might imagine would have had more colors, etc. Read More


A Look at A Boy and His Blob, Including Fact Sheet and Screens

When THQ recently boasted about their successful sales numbers on the Wii by stating "The people who buy Nintendo games, [we want to] get them to buy things like de Blob," the last thing they probably expected was for another company to seemingly take those words at face value, bringing another blob back into the Nintendo playspace. Granted, WayForward and Majesco have undoubtedly been working on their new Wii title, A Boy and His Blob, since before the CEO of THQ made his speech last month, but it's hard not to find the idea at least a little amusing as Blob-mania seems to be sweeping across numerous websites. Read More


Myst - NDS - Review

How can I begin to explain Myst for the DS? I guess I should start off by proclaiming my amazement that the entire game is now playable on a portable Read More