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Pinball FX 2 Review

Announced a few months ago at Comic-Con (and an ideal place for it, no doubt), Zen Studios’ Vengeance and Virtue pack for Marvel Pinball couldn’t have come at a better time.  The initial tables, including Spider-Man and Wolverine, struck a chord with pinball and comic book fans alike, and the DLC tables that have come out since have done equally well.  Now, after months... Read Review

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Marvel Pinball Review

Whether you're playing Pinball FX 2 or Zen Pinball, there's no question that the folks at Zen Studios know their stuff when it comes to pinball desig Read More

Robert Workman Dec 10, 2010 | Comments
Microsoft Serving Up Feast of Fun for Fall

Microsoft Serving Up Feast of Fun for Fall

  After this year's lineup, there's few who can deny that Microsoft's Summer of Arcade is a great time to enjoy some low-cost, high-value gaming. So, the powers that be at Microsoft thought, why not do it again? Game Feast kicks off this Fall, and like Summer of Arcade, will showcase four new titles. Find out what they are after the jump. Read More

kombo Aug 31, 2010 | Comments
This Week's Xbox LIVE Marketplace Release Schedule

This Week's Xbox LIVE Marketplace Release Schedule

Major Nelson has updated his website to reveal what is going on this week in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and starting today, Halo Wars and Dead Rising become available as downloads on Games on Demand (check here for regional availability). They will be followed on February 2nd by Medal of Honor: Airborne. Tomorrow, Xbox LIVE Arcade will get KrissX for 800 Microsoft Points, with Chime coming on February 3rd for 400. On February 1st, Splosion Man becomes the Deal of the Week at 400 Microsoft Points. Also tomorrow, Pinball FX gets an Excalibur Table add-on for 240 Points, and the day after brings the Battle of Forli to Assassin's Creed II for 320. Following that, Halo 3's Mythic 2 Map Pack will be available for 800 Points. Finally, you can dress your Avatars up in Assassin's Creed II garb on January 28th, while Valentine's Day and Carnival Collections will become available February 4th. Read More

kombo Jan 26, 2010 | Comments