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PilotWings Resort Cheats

Pedal Glider Get 3 stars on the 3rd Gold Class Hang Glider Mission
Super Rocket Belt Get 3 stars on the 3rd Platinum Class Rocket Belt Mission
Turbo Jet Get 3 stars on the 3rd Silver Class Plane Mission

Mission Mode Unlockables

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Diamond Class Achieve three stars in every class (and every mission)
Meca Hawk Diorama (All-Star Award) Achieve three stars in every Diamond class mission
Use super aircraft in any mission Get a perfect score on every mission

Extra Free Roam Items

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Balloons Reach Silver Class
Extras Reach Gold Class

Extra Free Flight Unlockables

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Meca Hawk 3-star every mission in Mission Flight mode, and Meca Hawk will appear in Free Flight mode, walking around Wedge Island.
Your own castle at Private Island Collect all 75 Sight Rings

Evening and Night Flying

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Evening Flight Get 30 I Rings
Night Flight Get 45 I Rings

Ending Credits #2

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Ending Credits #2 Clear all missions with a perfect score.