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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, previously announced for the West as Ace Attorney 5, sees the return of courtroom hero Phoenix Wright. Set eight years since his last appearance in the courts, the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies sees the action start in a destroyed court room. It’s down to Phoenix Wright and his team at the Wright Anything Agency to discover the cause of the destruction. Players will have to battle it out in court against Gaspen Payne, the younger brother of Winston Payne from previous Ace Attorney titles, as they defend the accused. The much loved gameplay and features from previous titles in the Ace Attorney series return but for the first time with stunning 3D graphics, bringing the courtroom and characters to life and putting players directly in the heart of the action. Players will need to investigate each crime scene with dynamic 3D visuals, making it possible to change views and zoom-in on areas to uncover any hidden evidence or clues.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review

Phoenix Wright makes a return to Nintendo's handheld, this time in a whole new dimension, and with all new cases to crack. Does this entry stay true to the series' quirky nature, or should Phoenix Wright have stayed disbarred? Crazy cast and cra​zy story Ace Attorney games aren't strangers to quirky characters and ridiculous situations, and it's great to know that Dual Destinies doesn't really switch this formula up much. It boasts one of the largest casts to date, featuring Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. It's also the first time we're seeing Phoenix Wright in action after his slight hiatus in Apollo Justice. However, that's just the main cast. The story is complemented by a slew of secondary characters that range... Read Review

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