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Miles Edgeworth Returns in Ace Attorney Investigations 2

  Digital prosecutor Miles Edgeworth has become quite the popular character, arguably moreso than his defense attorney counterpart Phoenix Wright, to which he proved to be the primary rival in his series of games. Having now been spun off into his own Ace Attorney Investigations series of games, Edgeworth proved to be a capable enough protagonist to shine on his own, which makes it all the more sensical that Capcom would announce a sequel. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (or Gyakuten Kenji 2 for you Japanese folk) was unveiled in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, and will feature the identical point-and-click gameplay of its predecessor, plus some new features, such a new "chess" mode. All this is great, but will the series remain out of the courtroom for the foreseeable future? Read More


Media: Ace Attorney Investigations Launch Trailer, Surprise at NA Success, No Further Wii Plans

Some of you might have noticed that a new title in Capcom's celebrated Ace Attorney series was released on the Nintendo DS this week, as well as a new port on WiiWare. In all, it's a good week for seeking out the truth. And to kick things off, Capcom has released a launch trailer for the DS title, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, which mixes a different style of gameplay with the elements so many have come to know and love from the series: A neat trailer, though the back and forth between the Japanese dialogue and the English sound bytes is a tad jarring, to say nothing of simply weird. More wacky courtroom high jinks after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Download - 2/15/10: New Game Downloads for Wii and Nintendo DSi Pack a Presidential Punch

Nintendo has a pretty decent lineup going on for the Nintendo Download this week, as Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: JUSTICE FOR ALL headlines the offerings on WiiWare, and just in time for the release of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, which comes out tomorrow. Granted, it probably would have been better, chronologically speaking, had Trials and Tribulations and that fifth case from the original game come out as well, but I'd rather not wait. Joining Phoenix on WiiWare are the puzzle game Art of Balance and something of a stealth-based combat game in WarMen Tactics. DSiWare has an interesting new title from Nintendo called Spotto!, whose premise reminds me of Bomberman. There is also Scrabble, Prehistorik Man, Spaceball: Revolution, and Real Soccer 2010. Finally, just one release in the Virtual Console space, though it's a long-awaited one: Sonic & Knuckles. And yes, it will "Lock-On" with Sonic 2 and 3, if you have either or both downloaded. For full details, check out the press release after the cut. Read More