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Phantasy Star Universe - Feature

Phantasy Star Universe

Phantasy Star Universe Boxart

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SEGA Attempt To Revitalize Phantasy Star Universe With New Expansion

Phantasy Star Online was awesome. As one of the very first online console games, SEGA's Dreamcast-based action RPG was great fun. Featuring hack-and-slash fun for up to four players simultaneously, it is very fondly remembered. When a subscription fee was introduced to the game, though, a lot of players departed. The game didn't offer enough in the way of regular brand new content to justify a regular monthly fee. As such, the game eventually breathed its last, despite re-releases on the Xbox and PC. Phantasy Star Universe was an attempt to revitalize the series with mixed reviews. In an attempt to revitalize the game, SEGA have just launched a new, free, expansion. More after the jump. Read More


Media: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Six Wii Screens and Racetrack News

A lot of news about the tracks of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing today. Making the rounds with a bit of buzz is a preview from Hooked Gamers which purports that one track is from Phantasy Star Online. However, Sonic Stadium reports that Producer Steve Lycett stated on their forums "I'm not sure which track they're talking about - but it's not a PSO one. They've likely seen a Final Fortress stage :P" Read More


Media: New Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Art, Screens, and Info

Yes, that is Big the Cat being dragged around by an enormous Froggy you see in the image above. And it is but one of many new additions of character art and screens added to our galleries, with screens respective to the DS, Wii, and HD twin versions of the games, so pick your console of choice and check 'em out. Read More