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Petz Catz Clan - NDS Cheats

Unlock Codes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Angel Maine Coon & Angelic Wings/Halo & Able to adopt a Angel Maine Coon thirst
Army Ocicat, Training Pants, Dog Tag 2 & Able to adopt a Army Ocicat spacec
Astronaut Mandrill & Spacesuit psworn
Ballerina Capuchin & Ballerina Outfit 2 petcat
Ballerina Russian Blue, Ballerina Outfit & Able to adopt a Ballerina Russian Blue swindl
Cheerleader White Persian, Cheerleader Outfit, Pom Poms & Able to adopt a Cheerleader White Persian dr68jj
Clown Marmoset, Clown Hat 2 & Frilly Collar 2 furbal
Devilish Tamarin & Devilish Wings/Horns edcrfv
Diva Siamese, Fluffy Scarf 2, Sunglasses 2 & Able to adopt a Diva Siamese tpcbkq
Egyptian Mau & Red Scarf ctzluv
Fairy Yorkie, Frilly Collar, Fairy Wings 2 & Crown thrill
gives you a super husky toy and a super hero costume for your pets laflin
Native American Chihuahua & Native American Feather stinko
Pirate Lemur & Pirate Outfit aptcay
Rocket Abyssinian, Rocket Pack & Able to adopt a Rocket Abyssinian lardsi
Rockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit & Spiked Collar 2 eggsuk
Superhero Husky & Flying Cape gallon
Surfer Beagle, Surfer Pants, Sunglasses & Beach Ball queenq