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For the first time ever in the Petz series, create an entire family of dogs, cats, horses and monkeys. Crossbreed and create your own looks and personality for your pet. Raise your pet and create a strong relationship.

Petz Catz Clan - NDS Cheats

Unlock Codes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Angel Maine Coon & Angelic Wings/Halo & Able to adopt a Angel Maine Coon thirst
Army Ocicat, Training Pants, Dog Tag 2 & Able to adopt a Army Ocicat spacec
Astronaut Mandrill & Spacesuit psworn
Ballerina Capuchin & Ballerina Outfit 2 petcat
Ballerina Russian Blue, Ballerina Outfit & Able to adopt a Ballerina Russian Blue swindl
Cheerleader White Persian, Cheerleader Outfit, Pom Poms & Able to adopt a Cheerleader White Persian dr68jj
Clown Marmoset, Clown Hat 2 & Frilly Collar 2 furbal
Devilish Tamarin & Devilish Wings/Horns edcrfv
Diva Siamese, Fluffy Scarf 2, Sunglasses 2 & Able to adopt a Diva Siamese tpcbkq
Egyptian Mau & Red Scarf ctzluv
Fairy Yorkie, Frilly Collar, Fairy Wings 2 & Crown thrill
gives you a super husky toy and a super hero costume for your pets laflin
Native American Chihuahua & Native American Feather stinko
Pirate Lemur & Pirate Outfit aptcay
Rocket Abyssinian, Rocket Pack & Able to adopt a Rocket Abyssinian lardsi
Rockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit & Spiked Collar 2 eggsuk
Superhero Husky & Flying Cape gallon
Surfer Beagle, Surfer Pants, Sunglasses & Beach Ball queenq