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Latest Videos


Persona Q | Zen Trailer

What is there to say about Zen? He’s dark, mysterious, and quite protective of Rei. As one of the new characters in Persona Q, I have a strong feeling much o...

Persona Q | Junpei Trailer

The peace-loving hero returns! The bumbling, fun loving, baseball making pun artists travels with his Persona 3 crew within Persons Q. With the entire crew o...

Persona Q | Person 3 Story Trailer

Never tell someone that you’re riding in an elevator with that it reminds you of a rollercoaster. You know, the point at the pinnacle where it gets as high a...

Persona Q | Yukiko Trailer

Now that the entirety of the Persona 3 cast has joined up with the Persona 4 cast in Persona Q, maybe Yukiko will find her prince? She seems to have learned ...

Persona Q | Shinjiro Trailer

You better not have forgotten about Shinjiro! Full of regret and ready to beat to crap out of Akihiko again, Shinjiro joins the Persona Q team. Him and Casto...

Persona Q | Chie Trailer

Poor Chie. If the investigation isn’t freaking her about some sort of ghost story, mother nature torments her with thunder. At some point in your high school...

Persona Q | Akihiko Trailer

Good ole Akihiko is back in Persona Q. With the bandied on his forehead, references to protein, and still bickering with Shinji, you know what you’re getting...

Persona Q | P4 Story Trailer

In high school, if a clock tower just appeared one day in the courtyard… yea, I’d be a bit freaked out. Then again, if I was part of the investigation team a...

Persona Q | P4 Hero Trailer

Popped collar check. Ultimate swag hooooooo! The P4 Hero is back in Persona Q and he’s ready to lead his crew to victory. He gets that the other group both n...

Persona Q | P3 Hero Trailer

The headphones come off as the a@# kicking commences. Persona 3’s protagonist (male-type) comes on the scene, gun to head, and ready to get in on some all in...

Persona Q | Behind the Voices Chie and Yosuke

Erin Fitzgerald (Chie) & Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke & P3 Protagonist) are back voice acting in Persona Q. These lovable characters, full of steak and headphones,...

Persona Q | E3 Trailer

When a strange encounter has Persona 3 characters mix with Persona 4 characters, what will happen? With a brand new labyrinth that untimely ends with everyon...