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Persona Q | Launch Trailer

With this giant cross-over cast like in Persona Q, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. Take your favorite characters from two Persona games, ma...

Persona Q | Video Review

Whether you are full on board the ‘Persona 3 and Persona 4 for life train’ or waiting patiently for this era to end with eyes set on Persona 5, Persona Q sho...

Persona Q | Unboxing

If you got your preorder in soon enough to be someone receiving Limited Standard Edition or the “The Wild Cards” Premium Edition, Atlus USA PR guru John Hard...

Persona Q | Community Q&A

Have you had some questions about Persona Q that you’ve been dying to know the answer to? Would you like it Atlus US PR Manager John Hardin explained a chunk...

Persona Q | FOE Trailer

While exploring the numerous floors of dungeons in Persona Q, you’re bound to come across some lurking FOEs. These are enemies you can see and generally want...

Persona Q | Map Making Trailer

Look, maps aren’t going to map themselves (unless your turn that on of course). In a true Etrian style, you have full control over what your map looks like. ...

Persona Q | Battle Trailer

Tired of the three man party system? Looking for something more Etrian like? Are you a fan of the five man party? Persona Q has you covered. Choose your five...

Persona Q | Koromaru Trailer

What has four legs, a mouth full of kunai, and packs his own Persona? Koromaru of course! SEES second non-human member brings his strength and Cerberus to Pe...

Persona Q | Kanji Trailer

Darling misunderstood Kanji Tatsumi makes his presence known in Persona Q. Sure he’s not the quacking on the uptake, but what he lacks in raw brain power he ...

Persona Q | Rise Trailer

Put your trust in the loving hands of everyone’s favorite idol Rise Kujikawa. Risette brings her star power to the gang in Persona Q. use her to guide your t...

Persona Q | Fuuka Trailer

Leave it to Fuuka Yamagishi to guide the gang through the treacherous halls of the cultural festival labyrinths. Good ole Fuuka is soft spoken, kind, working...

Persona Q | Party Forming

One thing Persona Q definitely has is a massive selection of party members. Between the cast of Persona 4, Persona 3, and the 2 (1) new Persona Q characters ...

Persona Q | Marie Trailer

Look, I don’t care if you hate or love Marie – she’s here to stay. In Persona Q she’s sarcastic, chewing gum, writing terrible poetry, but also in charge of ...

Persona Q | Elizabeth Trailer

The aloof Elizabeth will be playing nurse in Persona Q. After all, who else would you trust more than Elizabeth with your physical health? When your health r...

Persona Q | Theodore Trailer

You can think of good guy Theodore as a shop keeper for you in Persona Q. He’ll be running the workshop where you can purchase various weapons and items. Whi...

Persona Q | Margaret Trailer

Of all the Velvet Room denizens, Margaret will play the most familiar way to you in Persona Q. She’s in charge of handling all of your Fusion processes and s...

Persona Q | Teddie Trailer

Bear-sona! Teddie has returned for Persona Q! Your adorable mascot and blonde prince belong in the front line where he can get grizzly on shadows. Besides hi...

Persona Q | Yukari Trailer

As expected of ranged characters, keep Yukari in the back lines in Persona Q. She has the healing and magic attribute to keep your other characters chalk ful...

Persona Q | Zen Trailer

What is there to say about Zen? He’s dark, mysterious, and quite protective of Rei. As one of the new characters in Persona Q, I have a strong feeling much o...

Persona Q | Junpei Trailer

The peace-loving hero returns! The bumbling, fun loving, baseball making pun artists travels with his Persona 3 crew within Persons Q. With the entire crew o...

Persona Q | Person 3 Story Trailer

Never tell someone that you’re riding in an elevator with that it reminds you of a rollercoaster. You know, the point at the pinnacle where it gets as high a...