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Latest Videos


Persona Q | Teddie Trailer

Bear-sona! Teddie has returned for Persona Q! Your adorable mascot and blonde prince belong in the front line where he can get grizzly on shadows. Besides hi...

Persona Q | Yukari Trailer

As expected of ranged characters, keep Yukari in the back lines in Persona Q. She has the healing and magic attribute to keep your other characters chalk ful...

Persona Q | Zen Trailer

What is there to say about Zen? He’s dark, mysterious, and quite protective of Rei. As one of the new characters in Persona Q, I have a strong feeling much o...

Persona Q | Junpei Trailer

The peace-loving hero returns! The bumbling, fun loving, baseball making pun artists travels with his Persona 3 crew within Persons Q. With the entire crew o...

Persona Q | Person 3 Story Trailer

Never tell someone that you’re riding in an elevator with that it reminds you of a rollercoaster. You know, the point at the pinnacle where it gets as high a...

Persona Q | Yukiko Trailer

Now that the entirety of the Persona 3 cast has joined up with the Persona 4 cast in Persona Q, maybe Yukiko will find her prince? She seems to have learned ...

Persona Q | Shinjiro Trailer

You better not have forgotten about Shinjiro! Full of regret and ready to beat to crap out of Akihiko again, Shinjiro joins the Persona Q team. Him and Casto...

Persona Q | Chie Trailer

Poor Chie. If the investigation isn’t freaking her about some sort of ghost story, mother nature torments her with thunder. At some point in your high school...

Persona Q | Akihiko Trailer

Good ole Akihiko is back in Persona Q. With the bandied on his forehead, references to protein, and still bickering with Shinji, you know what you’re getting...

Persona Q | P4 Story Trailer

In high school, if a clock tower just appeared one day in the courtyard… yea, I’d be a bit freaked out. Then again, if I was part of the investigation team a...

Persona Q | P4 Hero Trailer

Popped collar check. Ultimate swag hooooooo! The P4 Hero is back in Persona Q and he’s ready to lead his crew to victory. He gets that the other group both n...

Persona Q | P3 Hero Trailer

The headphones come off as the a@# kicking commences. Persona 3’s protagonist (male-type) comes on the scene, gun to head, and ready to get in on some all in...

Persona Q | Behind the Voices Chie and Yosuke

Erin Fitzgerald (Chie) & Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke & P3 Protagonist) are back voice acting in Persona Q. These lovable characters, full of steak and headphones,...

Persona Q | E3 Trailer

When a strange encounter has Persona 3 characters mix with Persona 4 characters, what will happen? With a brand new labyrinth that untimely ends with everyon...