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An RPG is not an RPG When it\'s a JRPG

Genres in video games are already confusing mazes of definitions: Action games, adventure games, platformers. As gaming technology develops, some genres slowly become obsolete, such as top-down racers and on-rails shooters, yet we as an industry cling to ancient terminology and archaic descriptors for modern games: what exactly is a Role Playing Game, and how can Western and Japanese versions of the same genre differ so dramatically? Traditionally an RPG would have taken the form of a pen and paper game, like the timeless Dungeons and Dragons. It may also be live action, known as LARPing, yet no matter where you look the basis for such games will be individuals assuming the role of an imagined or pre-created character. If this is the sole prerequisite for a game to be considered to be an RPG then almost every video game is one, as players have been assuming avatars for the past thirty years, from Pac-Man to Mario. Instead of having a human game master however, the actual game environment and ruleset becomes the limiter and director of the role-playing. We no longer bother to classify a film if it has sound or color as practically all of them do, so what on Earth is the point of having a genre called RPGs within a field almost entirely made up of them? Read More


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Confirmed for North American Release

Released in 2007, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 was arguably one of the premiere RPGs to launch that year, combining turn-based action with social gameplay, and combining seamlessly with a unique storyline that was very atypical for a game in the genre. Now, it appears the title's recent PSP re-release in Japan will be coming to North America as well, with publisher Atlus confirming a July 6 release date. Streamlined for the portable system, Persona 3 Portable will go above and beyond the PS2 version of the game by adding tons of extra content, such as new cards, quests, jobs, added difficulty levels, and even the option to choose a female protagonist. Choosing a female will completely change the game, giving the player new sets of challenges and social links to choose from. Also, expect all of the content from the game's expansion, Persona 3 FES. Read More


Famitsu Reveals Persona 3 Portable

The latest issue of Famitsu this week revealed a PSP version of Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3. Character designs reveal a new female protagonist among other scant details. Players will be able to choose the gender of their protagonist in the PSP version. A scan shows the apparent heroine of Persona 3 Portable next to never before seen art of Persona 3's original male protagonist. Between the two are male and female versions of the protagonist's persona Orpheus from Persona 3. Another new character revealed looks like what may be a male equivalent to Elizabeth – a character in Persona 3 who handled persona fusions among other things. Major additions and changes will be made to Persona 3's social element. Read More


Five Things to Do Instead of Playing GTA IV

At midnight tonight the clock will strike twelve and Rockstar's latest iteration of Liberty City will open its doors to the world. Gamers will shed tears of joy. Dreams will come true. Servers will crash. Jack Thompson will get angry. But what about all us other schmoes who really couldn't give a Liberty City rat's ass that GTA IV is coming out in less than 24 hours? I personally am mega-hyped for the game's release (got my PSP, some Red Bull and a couple books packed up for the midnight release), but I can understand where people who aren't are coming from, because even if you're not getting GTA right this instant or even at all, there's still plenty of awesome (and maybe awesomer) things to do. Here's a run-down of a few of the best of them, from me to you: 5) Get Mario Kart Wii. This game quietly released yesterday, and according to us, it's pretty darn good. As Kombo editor-in-chief Phil Levin says, "it's the best online experience to be had on Nintendo's home console." How about a wholesome, colorful drift-tastic kart racer instead of plowing down random dudes in a faux Flushing? 4) Start Twittering. Jump on the bandwagon, already! This micro-blogging tool is the biggest thing to hit web 2.0 since Kevin Rose got a haircut last month. Almost all of us Kombo staffers, from Phil to Tanner to me and Casey and Nathan are all on there. You can mash F5 on the Kombo homepage while you mash F5 on our Twitters to see what exactly we're doing that very moment. It's everything the Internet was made for! Read More