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Cheats for Perfect Dark Zero


  • Xbox 360
  • unlock
CMP-150 (SMG 2) Sewer Retrieval
Combat Sheild (Sheild 1) Trinity Infiltraiton
DEF-12 Shotgun (Close Combat 2) Nightclub Stakeout
DW-P5 (SMG 2) Nightclub Stakeout
FAC-16 (Assault 2) Trinity Escape (off dead ally)
Falcon (Pistol 1) Nightclub Stakeout
Flashbangs (Thrown, 1) Lab Rescue, River Escape
Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5) Nightclub Stakeout
Hawk Boomerang (Thrown, 1) Trinity Infiltration.
KSI-74 (Assault 2) Lab Rescue
Laptop (Assault 2) Trinity Infiltration
M60 (Heavy 3) Mansion Infiltration
M60 (Heavy, 3) Rooftop Escape
Magnum (Pistol 1) Rooftops Escape
Magsec 4 (Pistol 1) Mansion Infiltration
Multi Mine (Thrown 1*5) Temple Surveillance
Phychosis Gun (Pistol 1) Trinity Infiltration
Plasma Rifle (Heavy 3) Temple Surveillance
RCP-90 (SMG 2) Jungle Storm
Rocket Launcher (Heavy 3) Bridge Assult
Rocket Launcher (Heavy, 3) River Extraction
SuperDragon (Assault 2) Outpost Rescue
UGL Liberator (SMG 2) Nightclub Stakeout
Viblade (Close Combat 1) Mansion Infiltration (red triplaser room)


Unlock Weapons to Bring into Other Missions

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock
Jackal (Sniper 1) Rooftops
Shockwave (Sniper 2) Bridge Assualt


Unlock Dark Agent

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock

Beat the game on Perfect Agent mode.