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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Be prepared for the final stand to take down the Reapers in Mass Effect 3. Side-missions, War Assets, Scanning, and anything else, look no further... Read More

RedMan Mar 23, 2012 | Comments

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Whatever Happened to Rare?

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Media: 11 Perfect Dark Screens and a Release Tidbit

Media: 11 Perfect Dark Screens and a Release Tidbit

There isn't a huge outpouring of information on Perfect Dark for Xbox LIVE Arcade at the moment, but there are a few things. The screen you see above, for example, with more in our gallery. In addition, Major Nelson recently Tweeted "For those asking: Perfect Dark Zero will be coming to Arcade in a few months. That's all the info I have." He would later note that "Zero" was a typo, for those wondering. So, no, it's not canceled, but they aren't saying a whole lot about it. Read More

kombo Dec 8, 2009 | Comments
Update: First 24 Titles for Xbox 360 'Games on Demand' Announced

Update: First 24 Titles for Xbox 360 'Games on Demand' Announced

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced a service in which 360 users could download popular titles onto their consoles. This service would be much more efficient than the current one, as these titles could be bought with straight up cash instead of the proprietary Microsoft Points. Soon after, this service was named Games on Demand. Contrary to what was posted earlier, North America will have a list of 24 games available at launch on August 11. Games on Demand is just one of many services encompassed in Microsoft's latest update. Other features include an improved Avatar marketplace and expanded Netflix. For a full list of features, click here. After the cut is a list of the 24 titles available at launch. Read More

kombo Aug 5, 2009 | Comments
Molyneux Wants to Help Rare "Have More of an Identity"

Molyneux Wants to Help Rare "Have More of an Identity"

One would think that with his own studios at Lionhead, Fable creator Peter Molyneux would have all the room he needs to flex his creative muscles. However, following his recent appointment to Creative Director for Microsoft Europe, it seems that he has a new goal in mind: "One of the things I really want to do is help Rare have more of an identity," he said in an interview with of the Banjo and Viva Pinata developer. "And make sure the people at Rare are seen more within the industry," he adds. Read More

kombo Jun 15, 2009 | Comments