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PaRappa The Rapper Cheats

Change Parappa's Voice

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete the first two levels with the 'cool' rating. Then press this combo: X, X, X, T, C, T, S, S, Right, Left, S, X, and finish the next level as usual. On level four press: X, S, T, C, X to change his voice. To cycle through the voices hold R1 and press C or T.

Bonus Level

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete all the levels with the rating of 'cool' to unlock a bonus level.

Play As Sunny Or The Ninja

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete level 1 with a least 3,000 and a cool rating. Complete level 2 on Good with Cool Status flashing. Complete levels 3 and 4 with over 2,000 points each and a good rating. Complete level 5 with at least 4,000 and a cool rating. Complete level 6 with at least 2,000 and a cool rating. Start a new game and you'll get the choice.

Bonus Background Image

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Hold 'Up' and keep rapping on level 1.

View Movie Sequences

Unlock Playstation 3Playstation Portable
Complete levels 1-5 with a 'cool' rating. Level 6 with an 'Awesome'.