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Targeted to old and new fans alike, this PSP title features all the characters, levels and songs from the original. PaRappa The Rapper increases the franchise

PaRappa The Rapper Cheats

Change Parappa's Voice

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete the first two levels with the 'cool' rating. Then press this combo: X, X, X, T, C, T, S, S, Right, Left, S, X, and finish the next level as usual. On level four press: X, S, T, C, X to change his voice. To cycle through the voices hold R1 and press C or T.

Bonus Level

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete all the levels with the rating of 'cool' to unlock a bonus level.

Play As Sunny Or The Ninja

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Complete level 1 with a least 3,000 and a cool rating. Complete level 2 on Good with Cool Status flashing. Complete levels 3 and 4 with over 2,000 points each and a good rating. Complete level 5 with at least 4,000 and a cool rating. Complete level 6 with at least 2,000 and a cool rating. Start a new game and you'll get the choice.

Bonus Background Image

Unlock PCPlaystation Portable
Hold 'Up' and keep rapping on level 1.

View Movie Sequences

Unlock Playstation 3Playstation Portable
Complete levels 1-5 with a 'cool' rating. Level 6 with an 'Awesome'.