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Players control a paperboy on his speedy bicycle delivering newspapers along a busy suburban street. The goal is to deliver a week of daily newspapers to subscribers

Paperboy Cheats

Throw Papers At 90 Degree Angle

Unlock WiiXbox 360
Enter SIDES as a code.

Cartoon Sounds

Unlock PCXbox 360
Enter THUMP or THUNK as a code.

Cheat Mode

Unlock PCXbox 360
To enter the cheat codes, select "Options" from the main menu, then select the "Secret Codes" option. Choose "New Code", then use the "Type-Matic" to enter one of these codes. Invincibility: INVINC Unlimited papers on all levels: NOBUNDLE View all headlines: HEADLINE Big newspapers: SUNDAY Super jumps: MOON Super Jump Springs: ALLJUMP Rocket Boosters: GOFAST Invisible obstacles: JUMBLE Screaming obstacles: SCREAM Throw papers backwards: BACKWARD Small paperboy: LITTLE Near-sighted mode: MAGOO Turbo mode: RUSH Slow motion mode: WAKING

Frame By Frame Mode

Unlock PCXbox 360
UNTIMED, then press C-Right to advance to the next frame.

Level Select

Unlock PCXbox 360
MAXSUBS or OBVIOUS. Once this code is activated, enter the Alice's RV Haven level. The game will automatically mark the level as completed. Exit the level to unlock all remaining levels in the game.

Random Paper Tossing

Unlock PCXbox 360
RANDOM to hit the nearest object that will react (such as a homing device) on a power throw.
Enter FRONTS as a code.