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Midway's Arcade Offerings Removed from Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Earlier today, Xbox LIVE Director of Programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb revealed that the following games would no longer be available to purchase on the service: Cyberball, Defender, Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Robotron, Joust, Gauntlet, and Smash TV. Notice anything in common between these titles? That's right, they were all games published by Midway, who was ultimately acquired by Warner Bros. last year. Hryb says that the reason the games were pulled was "due to publisher evolving rights and permissions." Read More


Rumor: Wii Fit Plus Price and New Wii Cycle Peripheral Revealed?

The above is rumored by a NeoGAF member to be a marketing slide fo Wii Fit Plus, giving us an idea of the price ($99.99 with Balance Board, $29.99 a la carte), as well as some of the activities which may be included. The one which seems to be generating the most interest is the chicken suit, as it seems to hark back to the (not Harvey) Birdman mode of past Pilotwings titles. But perhaps more interesting is the next slide. If riding a horse isn't your thing, then maybe this will be more your speed. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Bionic Proctologist

Fireman. Middle Manager. Paperboy. Over the past several weeks, we've been witness to the many practical, non-combatant uses of a Bionic Arm. And now, Capcom says "That dreamy Bionic Commando has finished medical school, and is now accepting patients. When a regular proctologist just doesn't have all the necessary grappling tools... Be Bionic?" And I'm sure anyone who's seen how the arm fires out can just imagine what must be going on here. That patient's probably tasting rubber-coated steel coming up right about now. Read More


Random Video of the Day 2: Bionic Paperboy

Hmm, perhaps this is just what Midway needs. People have long discussed the prospect of a partnership with Capcom to create a really huge game. Now, normally, the default candidates are Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, but clearly there are bigger, grander ideas just waiting to be tapped. For example, combining the bionic-arm and supercharged throws of Bionic Commando with the bike-riding and paper-tossing of Paperboy! It's pure money, I tell you. This could be just the thing to bring Midway's head back above the surface. Read More


A New Adventure Island Title? Could it be??

You know a video game is good when the time you spend not playing it is littered with odd feelings and hallucinations. Don't know what I'm talking about? Take Tony Hawk for the N64, when I wasn't playing the game at home, I was viewing nearly everything in the real world as "grind-able." That telephone line? Yea, I could probably grind it. Well, for me, Adventure Island for the NES was one of those games as well. My Pops brought that and Paperboy home one night and, man, we must have played for 5 hours straight. From that day on, every snail I have seen since I have wanted to either Ollie over on my skateboard or hit with a tomahawk. Well, I get to relive that fantasy soon on my Nintendo Wii, it would seem. Hudson is going to take another crack at their Adventure Island line, and the game will be released for WiiWare. It is said to be in its early development stages. Hudson's Takahashi Meijin says that he doesn't want to force the Wii motion controls into the game's mechanics. How...utterly...novel. Read More