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Panzer General: Allied Assault is an all-new single and multiplayer digital card game that takes place during the last phase of World War II, from 1944 to 1945. The dramatic events of D-Day finally gave the Allies a foothold on Fortress Europe, allowing them to push the Germans back to Berlin. Players can recreate actual battles such as Utah Beach, Operation Market Garden, and the infamous Battle of the Bulge in the hopes of turning back the German tide. Build, customize and fight with your personalized deck of 60 digital cards. History is in your hands. Ranked as one of the top 50 computer games of all time and quoted by PC Gamer Magazine as "Criminally Addictive

Panzer General: Allied Assault Review

In the early days of the Xbox Live Marketplace, we were treated to a number of high-quality “video-game board games”. No, not Sorry! and Mousetrap, but the strategic classics like Carcassonne, Catan, and even UNO. In recent years those types of releases have been few and far between, but if Panzer General: Allied Assault is any indication there's still a lot untapped potential left in the genre. With its combination of board gaming and deck-building card battles, Panzer General is among the very best board games for Xbox Live Arcade to date. That said, it still suffers from some issues that hold it back. As may be obvious, Panzer General is a World War 2 game which tasks the Allies with breaking through the Nazi occupation of Europe, but in a much different way than most... Read Review

Panzer General: Allied Assault Cheats

Finish scenario

Unlock Xbox 360
To finish any scenario in the campaign game, hold X + P + C (in that order) and press Left. A menu will appear allowing the choice of achieving a major victory, minor victory, loss, or quitting the game.

Game bug

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A bug in the 3DO version prevents the game from progressing to Washington when a major victory is achieved in Sealion 43. However, the game will allow access to Washington through Sealion 40.

Saved Game bug

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A save game can only exist with three other game saves (you can only have three other games saved in order to save one game of Panzer General). SSI has announced no plans to fix this, and contends that because the save game will become very large as the game progresses, there will be no room for any other games.


Unlock Xbox 360
There is a bug in the game that allows you to place your purchased units any where on the board. All you have to do is after you select your unit and hit the Buy button is before you place the unit, hit the save key. This will allow you to place the unit anywhere your units can see.

Game Shark Codes

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NTSC/American codes Infinite Prestige 800f0accffff