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Rumor: Are the Ice Climbers Ready to Rock n' Roll?

The release of Super Smash Bros. Melee saw one very unexpected addition to its roster... or, should I say two? Nana and Popo, known collectively as the Ice Climbers, made their first appearance since the earliest days of the NES, where they starred in 1985's appropriately-titled Ice Climber. Fun fact: In some countries in Europe, the game actually came with the NES. Is it any wonder Nintendo had a harder time developing a foothold over there? Read More


Rumor: List of Potential Xbox Live Deletion Candidates

So, word has gotten out that, rather than making an easier-to-use interface, Microsoft is simply going to erase any game that's not bringing in great numbers from the Xbox Live Marketplace. However, they've yet to announce any titles which will see their plugs pulled. Which is of course what makes this rumored list interesting, as it looks at all the current titles which fulfill the given criteria given by MS: Available for six months, and holding a 65 percent or less Metacritic rating. The last criteria, current unknown and seperating these titles from virtual oblivion, is whether they've had a steady conversion rate. Of course, even though they will retain all functionality and still be able to be re-downloaded in the event of lost data, the following list are the ones you should probably snag sooner, if you wish to take advantage of that safety net, as there may not be a later. See the list (and a few thoughts) after the jump. Read More