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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/15/11

The week in video games is coming to a close, and GameZone has you covered with reviews, previews, and special features. In case you missed any of th Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Random Video of the Day: Марио проти&#10

Random Video of the Day: Марио проти&#10

Here's an odd one I found via Patrick Klepek's blog, push.the.button. Of it, he says "Possessed, likely high Russian animators pit Pac-Man against a poor, naked Mario (I'm serious)." And it's pretty accurate. Mind, it's not graphic nudity or anything, but if bare cartoon bottoms bother you, then you may want to refrain from watching. On an interestingly-timed related note, Game Informer (via GoNintendo) reports that the new Guinness World Records 2010: Gamer's Edition says in the category of "Most Recognized Video Game Character:" "Mario? Sonic? Mega Man? Nope, it's Namco's very own Pac-Man. 94 percent of American consumers recognize the pellet-gobbler, edging out Nintendo's plumber by just one percent." I remember when Mario was more recognized than Mickey Mouse, so how did this happen? The most memorable thing Pac-Man has done since the 80's is Pac-Man: Championship Edition. Oh well, congratulations just the same. Read More

kombo Dec 21, 2009 | Comments
Miyamoto: "Entertainment is Something That Will Not Just Become Digital"

Miyamoto: "Entertainment is Something That Will Not Just Become Digital"

Proponents of digital distribution believe that it is the inevitable future of our industry, and that someday, all games will be delivered through digital means, with no need for brick-and-mortar retail to handle physical copies of titles. And while some might see Nintendo as being a company who is helping to pave the way for such a future with WiiWare, DSiWare, and the Virtual Console, the company's top developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, does not see physical media going away for good. Speaking in an interview with Mercury News, the longtime member of the company explains that business departments are always looking at ways to reduce costs, and in that area, digital distribution is a boon. But for developers, "it's not changing how much money you're bringing in; it really doesn't change what we're focused on." He adds that the thinks it creates opportunity for a lot of different developers. Read More

kombo Aug 3, 2009 | Comments
Rumor: Are the Ice Climbers Ready to Rock n' Roll?

Rumor: Are the Ice Climbers Ready to Rock n' Roll?

The release of Super Smash Bros. Melee saw one very unexpected addition to its roster... or, should I say two? Nana and Popo, known collectively as the Ice Climbers, made their first appearance since the earliest days of the NES, where they starred in 1985's appropriately-titled Ice Climber. Fun fact: In some countries in Europe, the game actually came with the NES. Is it any wonder Nintendo had a harder time developing a foothold over there? Read More

kombo Mar 11, 2009 | Comments