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SEGA Slashes 40% Off PlayStation Network and Virtual Console Stock

If you're a fan of SEGA, then do they ever have a Christmas special for you. From today (following the PlayStation Store update) until January 7th, they are marking 40% off all their titles and downloadable content available on the PlayStation Network. They are doing the same with titles on the Wii's Virtual Console, but that only lasts from Christmas Eve through the 6th of January. Read More


After Burner Climax Rated For Sony By Korean Board

A classic flight sim of Sega's might be heading to the PSN soon. After Burner Climax, originally a full-blown arcade game, was recently rated by the OFLC and Korean Game Rating Board for Sony. However, Joystiq points out that a similar game, Outrun Online Arcade, was given a multi-console release, so it's highly possible we'll also see it on the XBLA. Expect more info soon, as Joystiq has contacted Sega about the upcoming game. Read More


Sumo Digital Panel for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

The international Sonic convention known as "Summer of Sonic '09" was held last weekend, and in attendance were none other than Steve Lycett and Travis Ryan of Sumo Digital, who serve as the Executive Producer and Lead Designer, respectively, on the upcoming SEGA racing game Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. And not only did they attend, but they also hosted a panel in which a number of questions about the title would be answered, hopefully sating peoples' curiosity for just a little bit. Read More


SEGA Talks "SEGA-ness," Wii Strategy, Aliens, and Yakuza

SEGA has been quite the chatty company over the past week, discussing all kinds of things, from MadWorld sales and mature titles on the Wii to appeasing all the Sonic fans as best as they can to observing the 20th and 10th anniversaries of the Genesis and Dreamcast, respectively. And now there's more. Kotaku's Stephen Totilo had the opportunity to sit down with SEGA West head Mike "I'm Not a Freebird" Hayes about a wide variety of topics. Following are some excerpts. Read More


Impressions of OutRun Online Arcade

First, I'd like to say that this isn't a "proper" review. I got to spend some time with the game this weekend, enough for some impressions... vroom-vroom! How was that? Just kidding. Anyway... I've found that SEGA's games have always had a very distinct look, feel, and sound about them. It's as though there's a certain something I can't quite pin down that essentially says "this is a SEGA game." Now, I don't mean the kind of SEGA game which has trod its properties into the ground and rushed a title out the door to meet a movie's release date. I mean SEGA during its finest hours, such as the SEGA Genesis, or the Dreamcast. Read More


Media: OutRun Online Arcade - Launch Trailer

OutRun Online Arcade is finally available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and SEGA has released a new trailer for the curiously semi-exclusive game: OutRun has always been a cool game, and I'm glad to see its legacy live on through the Xbox LIVE Arcade and, perhaps to a lesser extent, PlayStation Network. It appears there will be plenty of ways to enjoy what designer Yu Suzuki originally classified not as a racing game, but a "driving" game. I've only tried the demo so far, but it feels like pure, classic SEGA, from the music to-- believe it or not-- the voices. I can't even describe how that last part works, but it does. I just hope the full game is this good, and if it is, then SEGA should set this as an example for itself. Read More


SEGA Bringing More Arcade Classics to Xbox LIVE Arcade

It's still April Fool's Day, so be as skeptical as you want-- I won't blame you. That said, Kotaku is reporting in non-AFD fashion that SEGA is stepping up their game in terms of Xbox LIVE Arcade offerings. Previous entries have included Genesis fare such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Ecco the Dolphin, and of course, there's the joyous news of Virtual On and Outrun Online Arcade, but now they're digging deeper into their rich arcade past. Read More


Media: 20 New OutRun Online Arcade Screens

Wow, it looks like the time is almost here: OutRun Online Arcade comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 15th, aso to remind us all and keep the hype going, SEGA has released some 20 new screenshots of the title. Just check out that glorious night sky, and so much more, all in our gallery now. Of course, this news is only good for Xbox 360 owners... that is, unless you live in Europe, in which case PlayStation 3 owners get to join in on the fun. Man, I'd love to know just who lost what bet for this to happen. Read More


Outrun Nears Release, but There's a Catch...

When I think back to my old classic arcade memories, one specific racing game comes to mind: Outrun. So when I read that there was a remake in the works, I was ecstatic. But as it frequently seems to be the case, whenever I get excited about a game, it is announced that there is a catch. So what is the wrinkle this time? Hit the jump to find out. Read More