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Outland puts players in the middle of a world of balance and chaos where their efforts allow them to bridge the ancient divide, or doom the world to destruction. Each player’s adventure will take them between light and darkness and force them to adapt to an ever-changing world. This light versus dark core gameplay is inspired by the arcade classic Ikaruga. Immersed in a beautiful world doomed by chaos, players will test their swordplay by running, jumping and climbing to dodge the deadly traps of a world on the brink of collapse. Outland will feature unique high-definition graphics and an immersive soundtrack composed by Ari Pulkkinen, acknowledged for his work on the award-winning Trine project.

Outland Review

If I could only use one word to describe Ubisoft and developer Housemarque's side-scrolling action game, Outland, that word would be "style." The moment you begin playing Outland, you get the feeling that you're in for something surreal, atmospheric, and ethereal. That's exactly what this downloadable experience is. Thanks to its impressive style, Outland manages to pack a ton of emotion, compelling gameplay, and visual beauty into one small package. Even though the story does fall a bit flat, you don't need a complex narrative to enjoy playing Outland. You take on the role of an unnamed hero. After suffering from haunting visions and nightmares, a seemingly normal man sees a shaman to see if he can be cured. As it turns out, the man is actually a... Read Review

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