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The lovely ladies of Otomedius land on Xbox 360 in this shoot-em-up. In Otomedius Excellent, gamers will be able to choose from nine stunning characters as they battle through all-new stages in an expanded world full of intense 2D sidescrolling shooter action. Players can team up for the experience with up to three players locally or online via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. Additionally, an expanded gallery mode allows players to view their unlocked wallpapers and graphics in a gallery that grows as they progress through the game. Gamers will also be able to tap into a wealth of exciting downloadable content to be announced later.

Otomedius Excellent Review

I was admittedly a bit embarrassed when during my (ridiculous) E3 demo of Konami's Otomedius Excellent, I made the assumption that the game was a digital download. The rep was quick to assert that the game would see a full retail release, thankfully willing to ignore what my statement really implied, namely: "This game appears to be worth about five bucks." Thing is, I wasn't wrong. Though Otomedius Excellent recently launched at the budget price of just $29.99 ($39.99 for the special edition), it still falls short of what I expect for my $30 in this economy, an unpolished mess barely worth recommending to even the most die-hard shooter fans. One of the game's many mundane boss battles. Otomedius is an offshoot of Konami's famous... Read Review

Otomedius Excellent Cheats


Trophy Xbox 360


Adam Kadmon (100) Raised level to Adam Kadmon.
Anoa EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Aoba Anoa!
Anoa Level UP (30) Raise Aoba Anoa to ORDER of Archangels!
Anoa NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Aoba Anoa!
Anoa(Hyper) EXPERT (20) Saw Anoa(Hyper) EXPERT ending.
Anthurium (10) Play with Arnval!
Arnval EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Arnval!
Arnval Level UP (30) Raise Arnval to ORDER of Archangels!
Arnval NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Arnval!
Bigcore Examiner (10) Play with Tita Nium!
Diol EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Diol Twee!
Diol Level UP (30) Raise Diol Twee to ORDER of Archangels!
Diol Twee NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Diol Twee!
Erul Tron NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Erul Tron!
Esmeralda EXPERT (20) Saw Esmeralda EXPERT ending.
Falsion? (10) Played with Poini Kune.
Gallery Completed (50) Collect all gallery Illustrations!
Hadouken (10) Play with Gesshi Hanafuuma!
Hanafuuma EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Gesshi Hanafuuma!
Hanafuuma Level UP (30) Raise Gesshi Hanafuuma to ORDER of Archangels!
Hanafuuma NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Gesshi Hanafuuma!
Jade Knight (10) Played with Esmeralda.
Lord British (10) Play with Erul Tron!
Madoka EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Madoka!
Madoka Level UP (30) Raise Madoka to ORDER of Archangels!
Madoka NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Madoka!
Metalion (10) Played with Aoba Anoa(Hyper).
Murdoch Viper2 (10) Play with Madoka!
Otome Ace (60) Clear STORY MODE in NORMAL with all characters!
Otome Master (100) Clear STORY MODE in EXPERT with all characters!
Poini EXPERT (20) Saw Poini EXPERT ending.
Serenity Viper (10) Play with Diol Twee!
Tita EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Tita Nium!
Tita Level UP (30) Raise Tita Nium to ORDER of Archangels!
Tita Nium NORMAL (10) See NORMAL ending using Tita Nium!
Top Gun (50) Score 10Million and check the final result!
Tron EXPERT (20) See EXPERT ending using Erul Tron!
Tron Level UP (30) Raise Erul Tron to ORDER of Archangels!
Vic Viper (10) Play with Aoba Anoa!
Weapon Card Master (60) Collected all Weapon Cards.


Unlockable Characters

Unlock Xbox 360

Unlockable Characters:

Aoba Anoa (Hyper) / Meta Lion Clear Story Mode with Aoba Anoa on Expert Difficulty.
Esmeralda / Jade Night Clear Story Mode with Ereu Tron on Expert Difficulty.
Poini Coon / Falchion Beta Clear Story Mode with Esmeralda on Expert Difficulty.