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Orgarhythm blends rhythm and strategy gameplay on the PS Vita

Orgarhythm Review

It’s a shame that so few people own a PS Vita, doubly so whenever a console-exclusive game comes along that’s so good at taking advantage of its features, and actually delivers a unique and rewarding experience. This is exactly the case with Orgarhythm, a bizarre mix of rhythm game and RTS components directed by Tak Hirai and published by XSEED Games. Hirai’s influence, through his work on Space Channel 5 and the excellent DS puzzler Meteos, is especially apparent, and if you’re willing to go out on a limb and try out some almost totally fresh gameplay ideas, you’ll find Orgarhythm to be a surprisingly fun low-key title that’s a great holdover until the annual parade of triple-A titles hits this Winter. Orgarhythm follows in the footsteps of... Read Review

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