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Operation Flashpoint: Red River had me from the moment the intro video started playing. It gives a brief history lesson of the events that leads to your mission as a U.S. Marine in Tajikistan. This video is funny, witty, and informing. With this as an introduction, Codemasters takes the player to 2013 to participate in missions that feel real. That is the point of Red River: realism. The... Read Review

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This week the first details on Operation Flashpoint: Red River were revealed, and it looks like the series is going to feature more varied environments, close quarters combat, and different aiming experiences to help bring in more casual players. So is this military simulator going the way of Modern Warfare or has it found a happy balance? Read on to find out what changes are in store for the series, where the game is set, and why it's sounding pretty darn amazing. Read More

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