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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is the man’s man of tactical first-person shooters. This hardened sequel is a burly fellow, one that has no need for shaving cream, eye protection or seat belts. Whereas other similar titles offer regenerating health and characters with bulletproof skin, Dragon Rising reminds players that gunfire can instantly kill you, enemies won’t normally... Read Review

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising News

Will Operation Flashpoint: Red River be Another Modern Warfare Clone

Will Operation Flashpoint: Red River be Another Modern Warfare Clone

This week the first details on Operation Flashpoint: Red River were revealed, and it looks like the series is going to feature more varied environments, close quarters combat, and different aiming experiences to help bring in more casual players. So is this military simulator going the way of Modern Warfare or has it found a happy balance? Read on to find out what changes are in store for the series, where the game is set, and why it's sounding pretty darn amazing. Read More

kombo Aug 7, 2010 | Comments
Rumor: Killzone 3 to Release Sometime in 2010

Rumor: Killzone 3 to Release Sometime in 2010

Playstation's Official Magazine has publicized the latest and greatest rumor: Killzone 3 is in development and will release sometime in 2010. In the latest issue, they call it one of Sony's "secret games of 2010". According to the same publication, Killzone 3 is "deep into development" and will hit the shelves sometime within the next year. This is a conceivable rumor, despite the fact of it being a rumor. The last title, which took nearly 5 years to develop and create, sold great on the PlayStation 3, and many knew that a sequel was imminent. Guerrilla now has a strong game engine and multiplayer composition, so less effort is required from the developer itself. KZ3 is not the only major rumor that they mentioned, though. They also noted a probable sequel to Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War, and how Resistance 3 was in the works. Killzone 2 was one of my most favored shooters this year, definitely a first-class runner up to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and a sequel would be delightful. Read More

kombo Oct 19, 2009 | Comments