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New Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Info

New Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Info

The November 2009 issue of Nintendo Power (vol. 247) has begun hitting mailboxes, and features eight pages of coverage for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Here are some of the details from the article which haven't passed through this space before. First, some people (including myself) have wondered why there is no "Chronicles" version of Resident Evil 4 in Darkside, and the answer is twofold, to say nothing of a little obvious, when one thinks about it. Read More

kombo Oct 2, 2009 | Comments
Capcom Employs a Team of Over 400 for Resident Evil 5

Capcom Employs a Team of Over 400 for Resident Evil 5

Once upon a time, games were made with but a handful of people. In fact, some titles were even made with only a single person! And granted, a good number of those weren't exactly anything to write home about (though you could probably get somewhere making videos about them). These days, however, with Hollywood-like budgets (or better), the companies that make these games tend to have a much larger lot working for them to make sure titles meet the Christmas rush. Like Capcom, and their latest big title, Resident Evil 5:"In addition to developing tools, we have also strengthened our game development structure. As more than 400 people including company employees and outside contractors are working on this particular title, we have reorganized the structure to assign appropriate human resources, manage development process and offer mental health care to staff in order to ensure smooth operation. Our belief while developing Resident Evil 5 was that no detail was too small when it came to graphics." -- Capcom Press Release via GamekyoIn addition, a considerable sum must have been spent to make the game as authentic as they could:"Our staff visited Africa, a new backdrop in the series, to experience the real Africa where the contrast between light and the darkness is stunning."So, is it all worth it? Well, Capcom says that the Resident Evil series alone has sold some 34.5 million units worldwide, so maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility that they know what they're doing here. Still... can you imagine working as a part of a group with 400 other people, trying to function cohesively on one project? Read More

kombo Sep 11, 2008 | Comments