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Omega Force is bringing the next Pirate Warriors to Sony consoles and PCs. Pirate Warriors 3 will let gamers experience the entirety of the One Piece storyline, starting from the very beginning, leading all the way through the Dressrose Arc. 

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Review

I can honestly say that I never prepared myself for a game review as much as I have prepared for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. You see, I played the first game, and mildly touched on the second, but I felt disconnected from them. Sure, you could say it's just Dynasty Warriors with a One Piece skin, but I wasn't connected to the story or the characters, both of what One Piece is apparently very well known for, and known for doing extremely well. I decided earlier this year to actually watch all available episodes. Thanks to Crunchyroll, which has all the episodes available, I had all the means to do so. Unfortunately, I never met my goal to watch all 700+ episodes, though I did finish just over 500 of them, way more than enough to get myself acquainted with the story and... Read Review

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