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Can Squenix Win Back Fans With Final Fantasy XIII-2

While 2010 was definitely a year of great games, it was also a year of massive disappointments. Just look at Epic Mickey or, if you're a JRPG fan, Final Fantasy XIII. The latest numbered entry in the decades-old franchise was awaited with high hopes, and by most accounts, it completely failed to deliver. Now Square Enix has announced that development on a direct sequel is already underway, and they've promised that it will "exceed FFXIII in every aspect." Can they recover from their recent slump and deliver a worthwhile experience, or will Japanese developers continue to lag behind now-superior Western games? More opinion after the break. Read More

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Sonic Adventure review

Sonic the Hedgehog set such a high standard with his Sega Genesis adventures that gamers were highly anticipating his debut on the Dreamcast, almost Read More


The New Yakuza is a Zombie Game, For Some Reason

The Yakuza series, while not exactly best sellers in the US, is still a well respected and generally well received franchise. Of course, that's not going to stop Sega from trying to make it better, and everyone knows there's only one way to do that when it comes to video games: add zombies. Hit the jump for some details on this strange decision. Read More


New Devil May Cry Just Revealed at TGS, Ninja Theory Developing

Big news from the Tokyo Game Show - Capcom has just revealed a new entry in the Devil May Cry franchise, and it's a bit of a shake-up from previous title Devil May Cry 4. As such, it's titled simply DmC, indicating it stands apart from the numbered series, which has remained largely the same for the last nine years. Hit the jump for more details and a glut of debut screens. Read More


Bungie Manning Ban Battlestation in Response to Early Cheaters

Halo: Reach hasn't been out but half a day, and reports of dastardly deeds are already pouring in. Cheaters have plagued Halo's online experience since the first days of Halo 2, the first game in the series that took advantage of Xbox Live, when dishonorable players needed only unplug their modems for a moment to put other players in a vulnerable state of "standby." In past years, Bungie's been slow to raise their infamous Hammer of Banning and remove these players from the online community; now, though, with their swan song unleashed upon the masses and nothing better for them to do than monitor its existence, they're ready to unleash the fury with an arsenal of new weapons to combat cheaters. Hit the jump to read their warning. Read More


Kombo's Weekly Round-Up

The Halo: Reach review is here, and what more is there to say about this week in gaming news. It's the big story of the week - yes, even eclipsing the release of NHL 11, and according to Mike, who was lucky enough to review the game, it's a classic.  Be sure to check it out, and of course, be sure to catch up on all the news of the week. It was a doozy, from Nintendo's Wii follow-up console to Arkham City details to a really special design analysis of God of War II.  Check it out below in our weekly round-up (yes, I know, it's a day late. I was at a football game yesterday, and I apologize profusely!) Read More


Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gets an Oddly-Numbered Sequel

  Released in 2009, Dissidia: Final Fantasy proved two things - one, the PSP is still a capable platform, and two, there is more to gaming's biggest RPG series than just RPGs. The combination of the series' best heroes and villains doing battle made for the ultimate in fanboy spazzing, and the title's success proved there's still some life in Sony's handheld. Now, the latest issue of Jump Magazine has confirmed that another Dissidia is in the works, including more of the series' biggest heroes. And it apparently shows that Square Enix has a problem with counting. Read More