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From the developers who brought Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV to the Nintendo DS comes the next epic handheld role-playing game

Nostalgia - NDS Review

It seems to be a commonly-held opinion that the golden age of the traditional Japanese RPG has gone by. While the genre can still draw acclaim from time to time, for many fans no new JRPG will ever best or even equal the greats of the 16 and 32-bit eras – Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV-VII, the early Breath of Fire titles, and so on. Well, it seems that developers Matrix Software are among those who wistfully recall the way RPGs once were. After working for the last several years with Square-Enix to create the 3D DS remakes of Final Fantasy III and IV, they’ve now teamed up with Red Entertainment and Tecmo to bring us Nostalgia, an appropriately-named RPG crafted as a love letter to those epic adventures of years past. The game’s title refers not just to its... Read Review

Nostalgia - NDS Cheats

Unlock Theater Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS
Theater Mode Beat the game once.

Unlock Sage Ring

Unlock Nintendo DS
Sage Ring 100% completion of the Adventurers Notebook