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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise - Feature

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Boxart

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I first played the original No More Heroes on the Wii in August of 2008. I was instantly drawn to the game's over-the-top style, Japanese-influenced ultra-violence, and ridiculous protagonist. It was everything I could ever hope for in an M-rated Wii game, and thanks to its unique design direction and storytelling, it was much, much more. Here we are, almost exactly three years after I... Read Review

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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Gets Delayed

It looks like the Japanese release of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise won´t be making its February 26th launch date. This PS3 and 360 port of the original No More Heroes for the Wii, will most likely hit stores around April. Sadly, this means that we will probably not see Travis and crew till this summer. Ever since Ubisoft passed up the offer back in November, there has yet to be a North American publisher. But keep your hopes up, this HD remake will hit American shores eventually. Read More