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The Nintendo 3DS XL will sport a much bigger screen, making the 3D effects even better. The new design is also a bit sturdier and sports a matte finish to prevent any unnecessary smudges.

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

We all saw it coming. The original 3DS hadn't even been on the market for more than a few months when gamers everywhere were already predicting a revised version of the handheld. A few individuals such as myself were actually waiting for a new 3DS model. The Big N told us it wouldn't come anytime soon, and it marked down the price tag on the original. Oh, but Nintendo, you sly devil, I was on to your trickery from day one, so I, like many others, waited. Here we are just over a year since the launch of the 3DS, and the Mario company has released the 3DS XL. But is this $200 device worth buying? Should you opt out of buying the regular ol' 3DS and get this much larger version? Should you maybe upgrade to the 3DS XL if you already own the original? The answer is... Read Review

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