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Collect puzzle pieces in Puzzle Swap, save the King in Find Mii, save the galaxy in Mii Force, grow your garden in Flower Town, take over the world in Warrior's Way and conquer your fears in Monster Manor.

Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Titles Review

The very idea of Streetpass is rather genius. Nintendo has figured out a brilliant way to utilize your 3DS handheld when you're not actually playing anything on it. Even while it sleeps away in your pocket, your 3DS becomes a portal so other Miis from other 3DS handhelds can migrate over, visit your game worlds, and even help you out in various activities. Until very recently, the 3DS had only two "games" to use Streetpassed Miis, Find Mii I & II and Puzzle Swap. Neither really offered much in terms of gameplay, but they proved to be entertaining diversions for those who got excited whenever the green notification lit up. The 3DS is now home to four more Streetpass titles that play more like actual games than the two minimalistic titles that came before. Mii... Read Review

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