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Cheats for Ninja Gaiden 3

Master Ninja Difficulty

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Beat the game on Hard to unlock the more brutal Master Ninja Difficulty.

Shadow of the Warrior Unlockables

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Adept Armor Reach Player Level 3
Adept Headgear Reach Player Level 3
Bandage Armor Successfully betray your team one time in Clan Battle
Black Spider Armor Clear one Ultimate Ninja Trial
Black Spider Headgear Clear one Ultimate Ninja Trial
Color: Amaranth Reach Player Level 50
Color: Ash Reach Player Level 5
Color: Blood Reach Player Level 25
Color: Earth Reach Player Level 2
Color: Fire Reach Player Level 20
Color: Forest Reach Player Level 35
Color: Ice Reach Player Level 10
Color: Sand Reach Player Level 15
Color: Sky Reach Player Level 40
Color: Toad Reach Player Level 30
Color: Twilight Reach Player Level 45
Crest Headgear Clear ten Acolyte Ninja Trials
Crimson Demon Armor Win one Team Battle in Clan Battle
Crimson Demon Headgear Win two Team Battles in Clan Battle
Dark Ninja Armor Clear three Ultimate Ninja Trials
Dark Ninja Headgear Clear three Ultimate Ninja Trials
Dark Wings Headgear Clear five Mentor Ninja Trials
Hanya Headgear Clear five Leader Ninja Trials
Hyottoko Headgear Clear one Master Ninja Trial
MagojiroHeadgear Clear three Master Ninja Trials
Mentor Armor Reach Player Level 6
Mentor Headgear Reach Player Level 6
Nioh Headgear Clear five Master Ninja Trials
Okame Headgear Clear two Master Ninja Trials
Old Man Armor Kill one leader in Clan Battle
Old Man Headgear Kill two leaders in Clan Battle
Power Up: Arrows+2 Reach Player Level 8, 12, 17, or 22
Power Up: Shuriken+4 Reach Player Level 9, 13, 18, 23
Regent Armor Clear two Ultimate Ninja Trials
Regent Headgear Clear two Ultimate Ninja Trials
Scarlet Headgear Clear one Mentor Ninja Trial
Shuriken Headgear Clear ten Mentor Ninja Trials
Tengu Headgear Clear four Master Ninja Trials
Three Strokes Headgear Clear five Acolyte Ninja Trials
Trainee Headgear Clear one Leader Ninja Trial
Wanderer Armor Win one Battle Royale in Clan Battle
Wanderer Headgear Win two Battle Royales in Clan Battle
White Fox Headgear Successfully betray your team two times in Clan Battle