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Ninety-Nine Nights II Sneaks Onto Store Shelves, Kills Everything In Sight

Ninety-Nine Nights was a relatively early title in the Xbox 360's lifespan. Featuring impressive graphics for the time along with an impressive number of enemies on-screen at once, it received rather mixed reviews. Chief amongst complaints were the game's simplicity, a lack of multiplayer and its repetitive nature. It was, however, complimented for its excellent graphics, entertaining story and fun factor. Ultimately, though, it was a game destined to be forgotten. Now it's back! Hit the jump for more. Read More


Feelgood Working on "Large-Scale RPG" for Microsoft

While the sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan look like the punchline of some overly-elaborate joke, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from continuing their attempts to establish a niche of their own in the eastern marketplace. The latest buzz comes from a classified listing on the Japanese job site DODA. It is there that AQ Interactive subsidiary Feelplus Inc. announced that it is working on a "large scale RPG for Microsoft" in an ad for a "Game Designer [3D motion, etc]", though Kotaku says the two are not necessarily related. Previous works of Feelgood include Mistwalker, Lost Odyssey (pictured), Blue Dragon Plus, and Ninety-Nine Nights II. Read More



Sequelitis By Dakota Grabowski Sequel after sequel, our industry is degrading into an area of predictability. This is the time of the year that publi Read More


TGS 2008: Ninety Nine Nights 2 Announced

Japanese gamers love Dynasty Warriors which would also cement the fact that they also love Ninety-Nine Nights. The game has the basic premise of Dynasty Warriors meaning that it crams as many enemies on the screen at once and it is your job to completely obliterate them. Sounds fun, but from what I've heard – it wasn't. We're always up for giving second chances and we'll gladly give one to the just announced Ninety-Nine Nights 2. No information was released on it but during Microsoft's press conference it was confirmed that it was coming. That's all we know! We'll keep you posted as we get more information. Read More