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As part of its one-two punch to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this week, Sega has brought back Sonic Team's innovative NiGHTS Into Dreams, retouching it with a high-definition transfer and adding some bonus goodies for good measure.  And the fact they're releasing it for ten bucks (800 Microsoft points) is a welcome relief, especially to those who don't feel like hunting... Read Review

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Week-Ending Game Endings - 12.24.09 - Christmas NiGHTS

As befits the season, here is a Week-Ending Game Ending with a bit of a holiday twist, and more. Behold Christmas NiGHTS, a demo of the popular SEGA Saturn game which contained a special seasonal mode which made everything Christmas-y, from the backgrounds to the music to the characters. Since it features but two of the stages, I'm just going to post Blaze Hedgehog's entire run of the game here. First up, Claris: After the cut, Elliot, and the ending, plus a special surprise: Read More


Nintendo Download - 12/14/09 - 11 New Downloads Blast Their Way to Nintendo Systems

It's kind of funny the turnaround the Virtual Console has had this year. It started off a bit slow, with a rumor even emerging after a few no-shows that Nintendo would be discontinuing the service. But now, we're getting some pretty good stuff. Case in point, today's two offerings. Not only are we getting Blaster Master for the NES, which for many people could have carried the day on its own, but another underground hero emerges in Earthworm Jim 2 for the SEGA Genesis. And of course, there are plenty of other more contemporary releases on WiiWare and DSiWare alike. You can find all the details in the press release after the cut. Read More



Sequelitis By Dakota Grabowski Sequel after sequel, our industry is degrading into an area of predictability. This is the time of the year that publi Read More


Sonic Team: A Developer's Nightmare?

Sonic Team is widely regarded as an empty shell, a pale imitation of the development team whose mascot once rivaled Mario for control of the video game industry. Though the games continue to sell, and Unleashed is considered by some to be an improvement (however mildly so) on what SEGA has peddled for the past several years, there seems to be a darker truth behind Hedgehog House. A bit of digging by tssz|news has uncovered a blog from 2006 by what seems to be a former SEGA employee, one who had a chance to work with Sonic Team on a few games, and spoke anonymously about them in a journal on Blogspot. Read More


Bionic Commando Rearmed in Final Phases of Production

We have some good news to all of you out there who just can't wait to get your grubby little paws on Capcom's re-imagining of the original Bionic Commando. Rearmed has gone into the final phases of production and will soon be on its way to the realm of digital distribution. "The final date for completing Bionic Commando Rearmed is closing in - we're stabilizing the game and polishing all the details now, and soon this product of almost a year of late nights and hard work will ship to a digital distribution channel near you!," stated GRIM creative director Simon Viklund. "Within weeks we will see with sad eyes how it leaves to enter the approval process, and I'm sure that just days after things have calmed down here at the office and our schedules say "wait and see", the team and I will already start longing to get back to the backbreaking work we've gotten used to during the project." Read More