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Square-Enix registers domain name for Final Fantaxy XIII sequel

  Back in 2003, Square Enix made a gamble with a title called Final Fantasy X-2. The first direct sequel to any Final Fantasy game (this being Final Fantasy X, starring Tidus Meg Ryan), X-2 took some big risks, and while the game sold well enough, most fans were a little put off by the girly game. Oddly, according to Siliconera, a company called "Corporation Service Company" has registered, which is oddly close to Final Fantasy XIII's website Even more, this company registered domain rights for other SE titles like NIER. What does this mean? Well, it could mean a few things. Much like that Final Fantasy 0, Final Fantasy XIII-2 could be announced later this month at a SE event in Japan. Final Fantasy XIII-2 could also be the official name for Final Fantasy XIII Versus, the long developed spin-off from Final Fantasy XIII. All in all, it's fairly odd. Hopefully we can get a confirmation from SE on January 18th, when they'll be announcing something. Finger's crossed it's something good! Read More


NIER: Little Marketing, Big Impression [GrE]

A few times during each generation, a game comes along that leaves a real impression on me. Generally, these kinds of games fly under the radar. A game with no hype to its name, and no marketing push to speak of. Perhaps the game happens to be in a genre that is not considered exceptionally popular at the time. For one reason or another, one of these games ended up in my hands, and I booted it up. I expected to spend an hour, maybe two, playing the game before becoming bored and/or frustrated with its shortcomings as labeled in most mainstream reviews. For me, though, a review score does not make or break a game, and the most obvious example of a game that made an impression on me this generation is NIER. Read More



It has an ugly appearance, but the game is quite beautiful underneath. Read More


Media: Nier Alpha Story Trailer

Well, at least a women isn't screaming at you this time. According to the trailer this game should be "the next great story from Square Enix." I'm quite skeptical of this statement because "a man trying to save his daughter from evil things" is pretty generic. Though, that's the only plot point that has been released so I'll give it some slack...for now. Read More


Rumor: The Last Remnant for PlayStation 3 Possibly Canceled?

The Last Remnant may have seen its last hope for a PlayStation 3 release quietly fade away, as the newest issue of the retail promotional "Square Enix Magazine," volume 13, does not show the title on its upcoming release calendar. "A release calendar in the back of the issue lists titles of note from the company and its publishing/distribution partners (Ubisoft, Disney, and Taito)," notes Andriasang. "Last Remnant 2 is not listed in the date TBA area, which includes such games as The Third Birthday, NieR Gestalt/Replicant, and Front Mission Evolved." Despite this, however, The Last Remnant still appears on the PS3 release calendar on Square Enix's website, as well as the release calendar of the latest Weekly Famitsu. As such, there may still be hope, especially as Andriasang is currently unable to verify whether or not the title was even showing up in prior issues of Square Enix's magazine. Read More


E3 2009 Media: NIER Fact Sheet and Screens

The curious new title from Square has released some new screens as well as a fact sheet detailing what exactly the game is all about. Sci-fi fiction nerds eat your heart out and hit the jump for the (sparse) fact sheet and screens. Read More